Saturday, August 31, 2013

Customer Care: A New Meaning

As an entrepreneur and the founder of Grasshaven Outdoor, the journey has brought new insights into myself and highlighted what I care about most in the business world.

Customers care. Customer experience. Customer service.... these terms are thrown about flippantly in the business world.  I have used them myself on a daily basis.

However when I began this entrepreneurial journey, I knew I wanted to build a company that put customers first.  Zappos as a brand has been heralded as a top customer experience company.  I want the same for Grasshaven.  Do everything we can do to make our customers our top priority.  Really isn't this what should motivate every business.  Because without customers, what is a business?

Taking this idea of customer care to heart at Grasshaven and creating a culture of customer experience infiltrates everything we do.  Everything we say.  And every emotion we have.

From the joys of a little comment about the care we have taken to pack and ship a customers order to the glowing feedback people have given regarding our product offerings, this is motivation.

It breaks our heart for every facebook unlike and unsubscription to our newsletter.  We self reflect and try to understand what we may have done to cause our community any dissatisfaction.

We are building a company that cares where the customer is the center of what we do every single day. And that we believe is all that matters.

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