Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last Minute Getting Away: Friends, Family and Stylish Camping

Yesterday, while sitting with my two good friends Miss C and Miss L the topic of camping came up.  Passionately Miss C brought up the idea of a family camping trip in a few weeks.  She also wanted to make sure we would be camping in style as she looked straight at me, the resident stylish camping expert. No glamping.  Just good ol' family car camping but with no discomfort or sacrifice.  Think of it, four families spending the weekend together and just enjoying the summer away, unplugged from the every day.  We excitedly agreed we were all in, making a pack to go (and forcing the commitment when the dates were actually saved to our calendars).

We were in and starting to think about the trip several weeks off when Miss C texted later in the day to inform the ladies that the only weekend we could get a site at our chosen destination was THIS weekend...oh and the caveat, we had to be there Thursday.  Thursday.  That was 2 days away!  We had no meal plans.  No equipment assembled.  No kids packed.  And officially no husbands until the weekend.  Yet, we all agreed to shout Carpe Diem and seize the day.  Our mantra was be spontaneous and just go!  And go we are.

At Grasshaven, we are utilizing this trip as a fun way to share a blog series.  Called Carpe Diem Camping, we are sharing tips and recipes for getting ready to go on a last minute four day camping excursion.  We are outlining the menu, detailing the shopping lists, and just sharing general experiences when four families come together to enjoy the outdoor with spontaneity.  So follow along on this post for stylish camping expertise or view the Grasshaven blog and go get your camp on! No excuses.

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